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The Storm
Once, a long time ago when I was a child, I taught a goldfish to speak.  He really, honest to god, could speak, and he always knew what I was saying.  It was just that the only ever felt like saying was “Sandra, a storm is coming”.  He was a very peculiar fish he was, but I loved him nonetheless.  
That fish was smart, but it took him ages to figure out how to talk.  The first time he said those words—bubbly and barely audible “Sandra, a storm is coming”—I fell over in surprise, but then proceeded to panic.  At the time I’d thought he’d meant a big storm was coming, like in the bible.  A storm where it would rain all night and all day so long that all the water would flood the whole earth.  As the only person privy to this, I took it upon myself to save the world by doing what that Noah guy did.  So I gathered all the animals I could manage (th
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 13
Baby's First Christmas
My creator is shivering.  She tells me that she shivers because it is cold, because it is winter.  She tried to explain the concept to me once months ago.  But that was back when the world outside was greener;  back when she still was pacing the lab in a sunhat and sandals, talking about cutting her hair short and sipping her lemonade with an expression she has said was “pleasure”.  
“Spring is warm and green,” she had told me that day, her lips flexing upward in the way they did when she was teaching me, “Summer is unforgivably hot, Fall is cool and dead but colorful at the same time, and Winter…winter is cold.”  I always listen very closely to everything my creator says.  She knows many things and having been brought into commission only seven months, one week, two days, four hours, and seventeen minutes from this moment I still have much to learn.  Like what “cold&
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Like a Moth to a Flame
“The world is not what it used to be.”
‘The world is never how it used to be.’ I want to say but I remain silent, sitting, watching.  My brothers and sisters are flying.  In the air they dance to and fro, basking lazily in the moon’s glow.
“I do not know the moon.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever known the moon.” One of the older moths whispers, “There are so many moons, so many suns and stars…I am sure the world was simpler once.”
And indeed there was a time when world was less complicated, if the stories that have been passed down from one generation of moths to the next are to be believed.  I’ve heard whispers of it in the night: of a time before the blinding lights and before the era of death.
The light used to be our dearest love.  It has turned on us.  It kills now when before it only nurtured.  And yet we still come back for more because we don’t
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 10
Just Add Wings: Chapter 1
Day 1: 10 + 4=...20?
Minamimoto Sho was killed in a gunfight on September 12 just one week before the start of his final year of high school.  To some, this would be a blessing.  To Sho it was a cause of frustration since he’d been counting down the days to another math-packed year of school.  No one loved math more then Minamimoto, self-declared math-king of Shibuya High, so naturally he was kind of ticked off by the whole dying business.  
It was then, standing in the middle of Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing that it occurred to Sho that he should be able to be pissed since he was, well...dead.  But he still had two arms, legs, eyes, a mouth, and there we no sign of the wound in his chest that had taken his life...
It was then that his cell phone rang and it was here that our story begins...
“...What the hell?” Sho stared blankly at his phone—decorated with little silver numbers and
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 9 18
For the Sake of Business.
Three months and two cases following the first test trial for the Jurist System, it occurred quiet suddenly to Apollo that he was all but living at the Wright Talent Agency.  Behind the main office there were two bedrooms—one for Mr. Wright and one for Trucy— a kitchen and a spare room filled with old case files and all sorts of new law books which Mr. Wright was studying whenever he got the chance in preparation for retaking the bar examinations.  Somehow however, most of Apollo’s worldly possessions were strewn haphazardly about that room, and for some reason he’d been sleeping on the shoddy little couch that’d been inhabiting the room for god knows how long.  He’d been staying with the Wrights so long in fact that Trucy called the spare room Apollo’s room.  What was even worst was that Apollo himself had even begun to refer to the Agency as “home”, and that just wouldn’t do.  T
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 5 5
When Its Alright to be Wrong
When It’s Alright to be Wrong</i>
A "Politically Correct" Case: Part I of II</i>
Ima wasn’t really religious.  It wasn’t that she was an atheist or anything, it was just that she didn’t care because she had more important things to worry about.  Of course, not caring about religion didn’t stop Ima from believing that someone up there had it in for her, or that she was the butt of some divine joke.  After all, what other explanation was there for her name?  Ima Wrong.  Either some God was having a good laugh at her expense, or otherwise her parents had been very, very drunk when they chose her name…and she’d asked them on several occasions if that had been the case.  They of course denied it, but still, she couldn’t help but be suspicious…
…Of course there was some truth to the name.  Her father used to tell her when she was young that their family
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Strawberries in the Fridge
There were strawberries in the dark refrigerator, and even in the almost nonexistent light I could see they had long since molded.  They sat there innocently, soft, fuzzy and wretched, and I wondered briefly if she had bought them just before she’d left.  Or perhaps she’d bought them weeks ago, and they’d already been getting a bit too old by the time her eyes had flickered to the door and made a final decision.  
Aside from the strawberries there was nothing.  Everything else was empty: empty tables, empty chairs, empty cabinets, empty bookshelves, and an empty house.  Save for the strawberries, there was no proof that anyone was, or ever had been living in the house.  I knew better though; the faint lingering scent of flowers in the room I knew to be hers proved to me that it was all real.  That she had not been a two long year dream from which I had finally awoken.  
But from this d
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 0 2
Jump: I promise to catch you
...If I miss you, I'm having pancakes for breakfast.
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 5
ACS-- Cover by LadyDoom ACS-- Cover :iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 1 The Writer's Meme by LadyDoom The Writer's Meme :iconladydoom:LadyDoom 0 1
Lost Pennies
I love change, and especially quarters.  I always buy peppermint patties at the pizza parlor with them, and when I was little I’d always put one of those Washington coins in the bubblegum machine, and watch the little colored ball drop, praying for pink.  
But I can’t help but think we take change for granted; in my lifetime, I’ve probably put a hundred of coins into a hundred bubblegum and pinball machines, and that’s a hundred of dollars lost, never meant to have come all together in my pocket.
People despise pennies it seems, because you can find them everywhere: on the streets, in the park, in the forgotten corners of your room, and in every little nook and cranny of the world.  I think perhaps you could built a house from lost pennies were you to have the patients to find enough and to glue them all together; and I think we could all be rich men if we had that patience.  The patience to find all those lost cents and put t
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 4
A Pair of Purple Converse
A pair of purple converse sneakers: That’s all in the world that I can truly claim as my own.  I bought them a year go for about fifteen bucks with money that I got from relatives in holiday cards.  Everything else in my life isn’t really mine; the clothes in my closet, the posters in my room, the desk in the corner where I do homework, the name brand shampoo in the shower, my favorite junk food in the cabinet, my school things—my parents bought all of that.  But my converse… I bought those, so they’re all mine.  And I always have my life savings ($62.32) stuffed into the two toes, so truly, I always have everything I own with me at any given moment.  No one knows that though—they’d call me crazy if they did—but I can’t help it.  It makes me feel better to know that I have everything that is mine with me at all times, just in case I decide to run; so I can run knowing I’m not l
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 1 4
A Clean Slate-- Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Why?

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…
Why am I doing this breathing thing anyway…?
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…
Oh, yes… to live.  I must breath to live, right…?  I breathe air to be alive.  In, out, in, out…a constant rhythm that will repeat itself again and again until I breathe my last breath… in, and out.
Why am I thinking this…?  In, out, in, out.  I think… I was able to do this without thinking once before, so why start thinking about breathing now?  Why not just let it BE… I BREATHE.  There are no in’s, or out’s about it, I just need to let the rhythm beat within me in time with my heart.
Ahh… that’s right, my heart.  My heart beats so that I may live.  It pumps fresh blood throughout my body, fueling me.  That’s an automatic function too, if
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 10
The Power of Wrath
The Power of Wrath
Hands shaking, Christa reached forward to grasp the silver doorknob.  Her lips quivered, and her face dripped with sweat and fear: fear of the truth, and of what might happen in the room behind the door.  
For a moment, she hesitated, her fingers frozen above the knob, twitching.  The act of opening a door is a simple one; simple, painless, and easy.  But at the moment, the decision to open the door wasn’t easy at all, because really, if she were telling the truth, she was hesitant to go into the room that remind her so much of him, and what he had done.  She had denied it, ignored what was happening for a very long time, but she couldn’t kid herself any longer.  Her hands grasped the knob, and the door opened easily under hand (almost ironically so).  
Within the door lie darkness, and so her first few steps were unsure and faltering, until her hand flicked the li
:iconladydoom:LadyDoom 2 15

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So, here's the thing: I haven't really liked my account name for awhile now.  I really wish DA had an option to change user names.  Even if it were some sort of really strictly regulated system it would just make everything SO MUCH easier.

But since I CAN'T do that, that means NEW ACCOUNT.  

I created this account: yesterday, and eventually I'll actually start using it.  I'm probably still going to be hanging around as 'LadyDoom' for awhile yet, but when I (eventually) have new stuff to share I'll be posting it to my new DA.  

Just in case anyone cares, I won't be taking down any of my work here down; I'll just leave this account as is.

In other news, Nanowrimo is devouring my soul bit by bit. @_@ Dunno if I'm going to be able to make it through the month alive...only time will tell.


So, uh, yeah.  Haven't actually been using the new account.  At all. May in the future, but until further notice I'll be sticking with this account till I feel like setting up the new one properly.


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